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Grow revenue and increase shareholder value

Building a strong business which provides value for its owners and shareholders requires revenue growth which creates value for the business. Intelligently deciding whether to pursue growth or improve margins are important decisions every business must face. Key winning strategies involve growing the top line and improving the bottom line as well as capital budgeting, investment analysis and contract decisions

Discussing the Numbers


Strategic capital budgeting, revenue allocation and cost management to control and improve performance.


Accounting information systems for internal and external decision making. Internal control, database management, business document reports and software implementation.


Performance measurement frameworks, strategic mapping and business performance analyses, ratios, weighting systems, data envelopment analyses, internal audits, project and programme evaluations, cost benefit analyses, randomised control tests and value for money financial statement analyses.


Revenue and cost management for public and private sectors, yield management, pricing, linear programming, project management, valuation principles.


Finance management – Risk analysis models, required rates of return, capital structure and allocation.


Mergers and acquisitions, sourcing capital for financing operations, international equity investment.


Financial economics – Time and risk, asset pricing models & market efficiency, debt and equity financing.

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